How To Pass The On Your First Try

The PHR / SPHR  human resources certification exams are challenging. Review these tips to help you pass the PHR / SPHR certification exam on the first try.

Preparing involves more than just studying for the PHR / SPHR  knowledge exam. It involves ensuring that you have broad-based business knowledge and making sure that you are mentally ready for the exam.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice questions are your most important study activity. After all, the HRCI Exams (PHR/SPHR/GPHR)  are not  simple memory-recall, multiple-choice tests. You have signed up for a four-hour, 200+ question multiple-choice exam with up to five question types.

These include complex situational questions, short situational questions, formula-based questions, knowledge-based questions and interpretive questions. Each question type has its own purpose and pitfalls, which makes knowing how to get the most out of each question crucial.

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